Papaya Film

Papaya Studio is an award winning Indian production house, specialized in photography and cinematography. Papaya Studio’s crew proves its creativity every day, working all over the India and we would be honored to create your memories in a most beautiful way, unique, the way that only you know….

Our goal is to stay true to the art and capture storytelling images that you can love and share and go back to year after year. We have a unique style we call ‘Modern – Vintage ‘and all that means is your photos won’t look dated or like anyone else’s. We have the best photo-editing talent in the industry to top off your awesome photos with modern finishing that is cool, but not annoying or overdone. We also you need to be comfortable with your cinematographers, so we took our time building an amazing team of wonderful personalities, lots of experience, award -winning work ethics, and out of this world talent behind the camera and in the editing room.

Papaya Studios is our passion and livelihood, and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We are regularly receiving a lot of feedback, that we’re hired because of our commitment to the people and the art. You’ll see when you meet us that we really do live and breathe this stuff. So you can know you’re not just hiring someone who takes pretty pictures. You’re working with a team of the most passionate and talented cinematographers in the industry.