Daastaan Cultural Lab :
Rajnish Memorial Library

While talking about empowering poor through education, Swami Vivekananda said “Give them ideas, which is the only help they require, and then the rest must follow in effect”. Ideas can be born out of exposure to knowledge and information. Books, audio-visual documents and new technologies are the source of information and very basis of knowledge based society. However, the access and infrastructure to knowledge and information remains very scarce and weak throughout India.
Not everybody can afford to have individual access to the source. Hence, libraries are the Knowledge & Power Centre for future societies. Daastaan Cultural Lab: Rajnish Memorial Library has taken an initiative to establish a library to provide access to children and youth and is trying to fill up this gap between highly connected urban populations in big in India and resource deficient places of the country.
In order to have a holistic approach and achieve self-sustainability, Library will require to have an in-depth survey of the place and society, and formulate policies and programmes. The urgent need is however to provide books to the children. Many individuals have donated books to DCL and many children are coming to the library every week.
There are many organizations as DCL: Rajnish Memorial Library, however, why should we look at this particular initiative differently? Firstly, This Library is a dream project of youth of the district, who after receiving education in Indian big cities felt the need of this initiative, hence it is not driven by any political or religious or sectarian ambition. Secondly, brining the youth and children to the paradigm of knowledge would ensure political and social stability to the region. Providing quality social, economic and cultural life in remote areas can lessen the rural exodus.
Daastaan Cultural Lab (DCL) believes the sustainability and social inclusion can be achieved by such initiatives.

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